V. Da'NEESA MON​K​    --    Video/Photo, and Arts Education

Welcome! I'm Veronica, also known as V. Da'Neesa Monk.  I am a PERFORMANCE ARTIST, FIBER ARTIST, FLAME WORK ARTIST and TEACHING ARTIST. 

Here is where you'll be able to connect with many of the things I love to do.  So you can BOOK MUSIC OR CRAFT LESSONS,  PERFORMANCES, PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO TAPING sessions, view my YouTubes, Pinterest Boards Blogs/Vlogs,  -- or buy some FLAME WORK jewelry and handcrafted gifts.  

Music workshops, podcasts and crafts circles are now being formed.  If you are a creative person looking to learn more, do more and meet more creative people, leave you email information, on the page caled  THE MAKERIE.  There is SO MUCH we can do for ourselves and with each other.​